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Our Services

Great People Solutions provides leadership and workforce development for senior leadership teams and front-line managers. We are an Australian based company primarily serving organisations within countries in the Oceania and the greater Asia region.

Great People Solutions (GPS) serves a wide range of industries (including but not limited to) the mining and resources sectors, heavy industry and construction, from health care to aged care, transportation to broadcast media, for government bodies, to commercial and not-for-profit corporations.

We offer practical on or off-site customised training through e-learning short online courses, instructor-led training workshops, coaching programs and consultation. Our aim is to develop our client’s culture through effective leadership resulting in best practice efficiency for a more sustainable and successful business environment.

Our services bring together highly experienced professional training facilitators, coaches and consultants that implement the latest world-class learning and developmental strategies. Our bottom line: providing effective, affordable training and coaching for leaders. We Unlock Potential & Maximise Performance.

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We assist clients in these areas:

1. Consultation

In every business, there are situations that require solutions best achieved with external consultation. GPS has experienced, respected consultants and coaches from an array of sectors, to assist you with strategic planning, systems and processes, and to guide you through specific circumstances that are best solved with personalised consulting from outside your organisation.

2. Leadership Development

Ineffective, weak or unskilled leaders can irreparably harm your organisation and productivity. Even great leaders can benefit from independent advice in difficult situations. Our leadership development programs are specific to your needs, and are designed to increase performance in the long term. We offer e-learning online courses and instructor-led training workshops, as you need them.

3. Workshop Facilitation

Group sessions help build strong teams where previously division and miscommunication existed. Our skilled instructor-led training facilitators ensure workshops are an effective use of time for learning and problem-solving. We have almost 200 soft skill courses for leaders and their teams that will help develop them for increased capacity and performance.

4. Coaching & Mentoring

Developing your people is paramount to your business success. One-on-one coaching and mentoring programs ensure genuine growth in your leadership that positively impacts your entire workforce. Upskilling your team through new found knowledge that is backed up by effective coaching or mentoring, ensures your leadership development efforts are effective and provide a good ROI.

5. Profiling

GPS can offer you a range of profiling tools to help scale your business. Identifying strengths and differences in working styles, personalities and approaches in the workplace will help your team overcome communication deficiencies and personality clashes to ultimately increase cohesiveness and understanding. Some of our preferred tools are MBTI, DiSC, and CliftonStrengths.

Grow Your TeamDevelop a culture consistently delivering efficiency, sustainability and desired results

Our Approach

After many years in management growing large teams and then helping leaders across the country grow their business and their teams, we have developed a rock solid framework that gets results. Below is a quick look at our approach.

1. Assess and Agree

We appreciate every company is unique. At Great People Solutions, we take time to understand your requirements. We set up exclusive detailed training and coaching followed by an evaluation process agreed upon by both parties.

We believe delivering training in a variety of ways produces optimal results. We aim to include three key methods: Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic.

Stakeholder participation should come from every level of the business. This means everyone on the leadership team needs to be on the same page regarding the ultimate goal and desired outcomes, and it must be clear how we play the game (living out values and developing a positive, productive and sustainable culture).

This requires face-to-face personal and individual evaluations, relevant research and candid discussions with key players. We love getting in the trenches and getting our hands dirty with the real issues at hand. We concentrate on your most important areas to ensure the greatest results to Unlock Potential and Maximise Performance.

2. Develop and Activate

Based on the programs and assessments we implement, we collaborate to develop a specific plan designed to individually address your leadership and development needs to achieve your identified goals.

We have almost 200 different training workshop course themes and countless modules, each which we can customise for you to provide the necessary deliverables.

Our consulting team are practical, professional and respected with years of experience so you can rest easy knowing the plans being activated create a clear pathway toward your desired outcomes.

3. Revise and Consolidate

Our common objective to Unlock Potential and Maximise Performance within your company may require us to reassess and refine the strategy and tactics used to achieve projected outcomes through your leaders and their teams. This part of our process is essential to reaching your goals and making the maximum impact.

This consolidation process may result in regular adjustments to our initial agreed strategy, with the aim of always focusing on your greatest needs at any point of our partnership.

Clear objectives and outcomes, together with candid but constructive and transparent feedback, is an integral part of the process for you the client, your valued team of leaders, and your workforce.

Our bottom line: providing effective, affordable training and coaching for leaders. We Unlock Potential & Maximise Performance.

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