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Online Courses

Online education and training is the ‘new normal’. E-learning Online Courses is the future in play today!

Research consistently shows e-learning online courses can save energy and savings by participants remaining at the office or on-site, and the time spent ‘learning’ (away from their real job) is more than halved. They can start, stop or continue their e-learning course any time and from almost any place on the planet, on any device they choose.

E-learning online courses has gained incredible momentum and popularity around the world in almost every country with users in almost every industry category imaginable. When done effectively, organisations discover that e-learning reduces time away from the office or worksite and decreases the cost of training by eliminating instructors fee, the need for travel, venue hire, meals, and accommodation to name a few savings.

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Our bottom line: providing effective, affordable training and coaching for leaders. We Unlock Potential & Maximise Performance.

The Advantages

In short, online courses can be…

  • be 50% less costly than classroom training
  • cut instruction time by up to 60%
  • boost retention of content by 25%-60%
  • consume 70-90% less energy than traditional methods
  • enhance participants competitive edge by up to 70%
  • allow for different learning styles, it’s self-driven and self-paced
  • be available to as many employees you need (Scalable)
  • ensure your learners have a consistent experience every time
  • provide digital administration, reporting and recognition
  • allow access to content anytime, anywhere, on any device

Below you’ll find eight (8) categories of soft skill e-learning online courses.

We can also assist companies to make bulk purchases – any course selection or bundle of courses for multiple participants.

Contact us today to discuss your needs, and receive and free quote and customised proposal for bulk purchases of our e-learning courses. E-learning Online Courses are an integral part of what we do providing effective, affordable training and coaching for leaders.

What people say

“I received extensive training and coaching from Phil Gray over an eleven month period while at HVO. He helped me immensely leading, motivating and communicating with small teams of contractors I supervise. He has helped my ability and confidence grow like never before, and he helped me realise the importance, incredible value and great results we can achieve when leading with integrity. Phil has left a lasting positive impact on myself as both a person and as a leader in the demanding mining industry. I know Phil has helped shape my leadership style and he has helped steer my career in the right direction.”

Adam Shaw
Maintenance Services Supervisor , Port Waratah Coal Services NSW

“I was lucky enough to have Phil Gray train and coach me in all things leadership, communications and presentations while employed at HVO. Phil’s knowledge of our industries day to day operations and the part my role plays to achieve our targets while prioritising safety and developing my leadership style really helped lay solid foundations for success. Phil’s approach towards improving people is rich in experience, very practical and timeline focused.”

Gerard Simmons
Open Cut Examiner/Mining Supervisor, BHP Operations Services, Hunter Valley NSW

“I have worked with Phil, in a number of scenarios that required serious professional skills to correct histories of poor performance in an organisation. In all cases Phil has bought a significant difference to the operations of the organisation, lifting the level of professionalism of the operation, and improving the financial income of those organisations. Phil is able to very clearly gauge the ‘temperature’ of an organisation, identify the key areas that require attention, and then implement a clear plan to rectify those areas of concern.”

Rob Harling
Director, A1 Audio & Broadcast, Brisbane QLD

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Grow your teamLeadership development is vital because skilled and equipped leaders change everything!

FAQ's about our E-Learning Online Courses

Our Soft Skill e-learning online courses start from $49.00. These prices are per course, per participant. Length varies between two, four and six hours approximate duration. Click on the desired course topic for a full description and pricing of the e-learning version of the course.

Once you’ve completed the course payment in our course store, you would have been sent an email from us with user and login password credentials. If you can’t find it in your inbox be sure to check your spam folder. Once you find the email, simply go back to our e-learning store website, on the top menu you’ll see LOGIN. Click that item on the menu and then enter your user and password. Your purchased course will be there ready for you to start. You can start and stop as often as you wish, remember you have access to individual courses for 30 days. If you purchased a bundle of five courses or more, you are granted up to 90 days to complete them.

Simply email us via our contact page and explain the situation or circumstance, most likely we can grant you an extension so you can regain access to the course and complete it.

For instructor-led training workshops, the course manual will be made available to students on the first day of class. For e-learning sessions, course Self-Study Guides and Quick Reference Guides are provided as downloadable assets for each student/participant.

Yes. Students who complete an instructor-led training course will be emailed their completion certificate. The completion certificate automatically becomes available after the e-learning class has been completed so you can download, save and then print as needed


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