Relaunch, Rebound and Recover from COVID-19

From surviving to thriving!

Prepare yourself and your leadership team to take your business from surviving to thriving! Turn your surviving into thriving, prepare and equip your leadership and key members of the workforce for the relaunch, rebound and recovery from COVID-19.

Make the most of downtime now regardless if your business is experiencing a downturn or even a little quiet. Perhaps you and your team are working from home, or you’ve unfortunately lost your employment as a result of this global crisis. We all need to have a positive mindset and approach and be preparing for the rebound now. COVID-19 will pass, we need to be as proactive and intentional like never before.

Great People Solutions has created three specific bundles to help you, your team or business relaunch and rebound following COVID-19. These short e-learning leadership soft skill courses will help you move from surviving to thriving!

Three COVID-19 e-learning bundles:

1. Career Development Essentials

The COVID-19 crisis is a world-changing event. These fantastic e-learning courses are for individuals or teams of people that have lost their job, or their industry has been negatively impacted as a result of the pandemic. We all benefit from constant improvement, especially when we work on our career development, updating skills and proactively preparing to recover from the global crisis.

2. Business Recovery Essentials

Here are some fantastic e-learning solutions and concrete steps businesses of all shapes and sizes can consider and implement as you plan and prepare for recovery and our ‘new norm’. This collection of 8 e-learning courses will further unlock your business potential, and maximise performance like never before.

3. Leadership Essentials

With so much change and uncertainty, smart business must support, empower and equip their leadership and key members of their workforce NOW to not only survive but to thrive during this challenging time as a result of COVID-19. Here are 5 fantastic e-learning solutions and concrete steps leaders can consider as they plan and build new businesses for the next normal.

The time for action was yesterday!

Jump in and relaunch, rebound and recover from COVID-19 starting TODAY!

We all agree ineffective and ill-equipped leadership can cause irreparable harm and damage to business. Don’t let the new challenges of imposed restrictions and social distancing stop you from investing in training and development of yourself or your leadership team. Online e-learning is here to stay, it’s cost effective, efficient, and can be done any time, any place, and on any device. For the foreseeable future, this is the new normal!