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Online Courses

Soft Skill e-learning online courses are the future in play today. Businesses and learners alike want relevant, self-paced, and personalised educational or training content that is flexible, mobile, cost effective and time efficient.

E-learning online courses has gained incredible momentum and popularity around the world in almost every country, with users in almost every industry category imaginable. When done effectively, organisations find that e-learning reduces time away from the office and decreases the cost of training by eliminating the need for travel, venue hire, meals, and accommodation to name a few savings.

Our Soft Skill online courses are an integral part of what we do providing effective and affordable training and coaching for leaders.

Training Workshops

We strive to stimulate ‘ah-ha’ moments for everyone. To ensure those ‘light bulbs’ are going off for every person during training workshops, you need a great facilitator.

With our 180+ soft skill training workshops, you attend a live ‘in person’ or ‘virtual’ workshop taught by a subject matter expert you can interact with to ensure the individual gains understanding and application at work. It’s a primary approach we use to help leaders grow their knowledge, skill sets and capacity. We provide effective and affordable training and coaching for leaders.

Coaching Leaders

A great leadership coach can move you from being ordinary to the extraordinary, from feeling ill-equipped and threatened, to being challenged and well equipped and prepared for peak performance.

Business Coaching leaders on any level provides clarity to help the individual or team to make considered decisions about organisational performance, business continuity, and the safety, well-being, and financial security of your workforce, let alone sustainability of the organisation.

We provide training and coaching for leaders (live ‘in person’ or ‘virtual’) that in-turn provides objective clarity of the strategic goals needed in achieving the mission of the individual and organisation.

What people say

“I received extensive training and coaching from Phil Gray over an eleven month period. He helped me immensely leading, motivating and communicating with small teams of contractors I supervise. He has helped my ability and confidence grow like never before, and he helped me realise the importance, incredible value and great results we can achieve when leading with integrity. Phil has left a lasting positive impact on myself as both a person and as a leader in the demanding mining industry. I know Phil has helped shape my leadership style and he has helped steer my career in the right direction.”

Adam Shaw
Infrastructure Supervisor , Hunter Valley NSW

“I highly recommend Jane, she has been an tremendous impact on streamlining the office processes and management of our business, she has also been of great assistance with HR issues and has also been helpful in establishing new processes and procedures. She listens well and applies her skills and knowledge in an appropriate and useful manner, relevant to our business. She also relates well to all staff. We are so grateful to have her support within our business.”

Jessica Jones
Director , Hoses 24, Sunshine Coast QLD

“Tabor Victoria participated in a Strengths Finder Workshop which was ably led by Phil Gray. I think it was a great day for our staff. It was both helpful and liberating to be encouraged to focus less on our weaknesses individually and corporately and to really celebrate and enhance our strengths. We look forward to implementing what we have learned as we move forward in our strength as an organisation. We would encourage most any organisation to embark on a similar journey with Phil Gray”

Wynand De Kock
Principal , Tabor, Melbourne VIC

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This is our Why, What & How.

Ineffective, weak or unskilled leaders can often irreparably harm your organisation! It might sound overly dramatic to you, but it’s very true, and almost every business experiences it. They negatively impact everything from culture to productivity and ultimately sustainability.

Too many leaders go year-in, year-out without any development or training to improve their leadership skills and capacity. Too many workers are pushed or promoted into leadership roles with little if any adequate training to assist them in their new role and responsibility. Every senior leader desires to create an environment where their people are equipped, empowered and engaged creating a positive and productive culture that generates outstanding results. Sometimes there is so much to do, we don’t know where to start! I get it, we’ve been there too!

Great People Solutions assists with practical solutions in this space by providing training and coaching for leaders. We focus on E-learning Online Soft-Skills and Computer Courses, Instructor-Led Soft-Skills Training Workshops and One-On-One Coaching.

We serve a wide range of industries (including but not limited to) the mining and resources sectors, heavy industry and construction, health care and aged care, transportation to broadcast media, for government bodies, to commercial and not-for-profit corporations. I’m looking forward to serving you and your team too.

We provide effective, affordable training and coaching for leaders to unlock potential and maximise performance.

Kind regards,

Phil Gray

Managing Director
Great People Solutions Pty Ltd


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