Take your leadership team and business to the next level with coaching to help you go beyond your current skills, ability and monthly results.

What is Business Coaching?

Coaching is unlocking potential to maximise performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance. It’s teaching people how to fish, rather than giving them fish. It’s helping individuals see new possibilities and inspiring them to strive for new levels of maturity and capability.

Coaching is an invaluable investment in the life of any key member of your team and boosts growth in their work-life exponentially. Coaching is about finding and nurturing the potential of individuals to achieve goals important to them and their organisation. Coaching is based on the assumption that everyone can grow and that everyone has the potential to become someone better, regardless of the point of departure or current state of being.

Business coaching helps our clients build relationships of trust, tap into a person’s full potential, create commitment towards positive growth, and execute private and corporate goals they once thought were unattainable. An effective coach asks questions instead of providing answers, they support coachees instead of judging them, and facilitates their development instead of reinforcing what management has said ‘needs to be done’.

When we coach you or your team, we help to break-through from one level of performance to another, then upward to another and another. We help our clients gain greater awareness of their situation, then to re-frame and creatively explore new and better pathways to achieve their version of ‘success’, whatever that looks like.

We use the term ‘mentoring’ interchangeably with ‘coaching’ depending on your needs and industry. However, coaching is actually very different from mentoring. As the main point of difference, a quality coach is not required to have more knowledge or be more experienced in the field or industry of the coachee. Coaching simply requires expertise in coaching. Good coaching and leading can and should take a coachee beyond the limitations of the coach or leader’s own knowledge.  John Whitmore. Mentoring on the other hand is sharing knowledge, skills and life experience to guide another towards reaching their full potential. It is dependant on the level of experience of the Mentor. They usually have considerable experience and expertise in the individual’s line of business.

Our bottom line: providing effective, affordable training and coaching for leaders (live ‘in person’, by ‘phone’ or ‘virtual’ coaching).

GROW YOUR TEAMIt takes someone with a vision of the possibilities to inspire a person to attain new levels.

Our Approach to Business Coaching.

Our experienced team can ‘level up’ your business with executive coaching and mentoring. We provide objective clarity to the strategic goals in achieving the mission of the organisation. We can assist in the ongoing engagement and retention of employees and often act as a “corporate chaplain” to provide organisational and cultural transformation, value and strategy. Our bottom line: providing effective, affordable training and coaching for leaders.

The short list of benefits of coaching

  • Greater self awareness: gain insight about yourself as a leader within your organisation.
  • Greater understanding of others: understand different personalities, why others might think and act the way they do. Gain insights in helping your team focus on whats important to you and the organisation.
  • Enhanced communication skills: Improve how you convey what’s important to you, to the business, and to others.
  • Ability to coach others: Once you’ve experienced the value and benefits of coaching for your own development, you’ll be much more prepared to pass on these skills and associated benefits with your team. This is the difference between a good leader and a great one.

On a personal level, we impart wisdom and knowledge gained from experience, we act as a trusted counsellor and keep the coachee accountable to their dreams and vision for the future, while also providing guidance and objective direction with regard to the coachee’s life purpose, and how that ties in with the companies goals and direction.

Our trustworthy and dedicated team train, coach and develop the individual’s strengths and passions. We offer an objective sounding board for ideas and issues, we assist in making relevant networks and connections available to you, and help with developmental pathways to achieve desired objectives. Your coach will ask the right questions, be open and honest with you, and guide you in courageous conversations to achieve outstanding personal growth.

Business coaching is ideally conducted multiple times, a few hours at a time, over a lengthy predetermined period of time, and is face-to-face. Given restrictions and challenges we face, coaching can also be conducted by phone or internet conferencing (e.g. Skype or Zoom).

Contact us today to discuss your needs, and receive and free quote and customised proposal for your teams coaching needs.

What people say

“After having numerous professional coaches before it was quite refreshing not to just focus on things that I was struggling with or difficult issues I had at the time, Phil focused on my strengths and the strengths of my peers too… this helped me interact and communicate better with my team. I found this approach made more sense and created a more positive energy and focus to our coaching discussions. Phil quickly puts you at ease which is good, making it easier to discuss some of those trickier topics. What Phil was also very clear about was what his role would be as my coach, I found this framed the meetings and helped me stay on track. His experience is astounding and it’s not hard to see why he is in high demand.”

Mitch Ryder
Regional Manager, Mission Australia, Brisbane Qld

“Phil delivers more than he’s asked to, and genuinely invests himself in achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients. Personally, he has taught me a lot over the past few years and helped us generate some spectacular outcomes. Phil knows how to listen, he commits himself to your vision and will help you reach the sort of goals that often seem out of reach. Phil’s Accelerate Program will return it’s value to you many times over – If you want to grow, my only advice would be to give him a call and if he has room for you, grab the opportunity and go for it!”

Hayden Whitworth
CEO , Juice 1073 Gold Coast QLD

“I have worked with Phil, in a number of scenarios that required serious professional skills to correct histories of poor performance in an organisation. In all cases Phil has bought a significant difference to the operations of the organisation, lifting the level of professionalism of the operation, and improving the financial income of those organisations. Phil is able to very clearly gauge the ‘temperature’ of an organisation, identify the key areas that require attention, and then implement a clear plan to rectify those areas of concern.”

Rob Harling
Director, A1 Audio & Broadcast, Brisbane QLD


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